White paper about information sharing during Oracle LMS audits – with special notes for VMware clients

Resolving the outcomes of Oracle LMS audits is our day to day routine. Fortunately many clients contact us already at the time the audit is announced, which will always reduce the possibility of grotesk compliance claims from occurring. 

An equal amount of other clients cooperate with Oracle in good faith, only to find out later about the reality of Oracle’s revenue driven audit model. If they had been better informed, they would have undergone the audit in a much more pro-active manner. But, to be able internal decision making they they first must understand what an audit really entails. 

Our white paper aims to educate these Oracle clients and make them aware about the audit process they are about to engage in. We encourage eveto exclusively share this documentation by using the direct hyperlink:


We aim to keep this document up to date throughout time. 

It covers the following: 

  1. Audit Right
    1. Contractual Basis
    2. Legal basis
    3. Oracle LMS Engagement Partners
    4. Fishing Expeditions
  2. Oracle License Management Services
    1. Independence of Oracle LMS
    2. Roleplay: Oracle LMS vs Oracle Sales
  3. Oracle’s audit workflow
  4. Considerations for Oracle’s audit scripts
    1. Privacy and Data Protection
    2. Liability considerations
    3. Case Law
  5. VMware and other (non-Oracle) hypervisors
  6. Final thoughts

The white paper can be downloaded here

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