Do you know everything about Oracle? Check it with the Openworld Quiz. For our friends at iQuate a questionnaire was prepared to be handed out at their stand at Oracle Open World, we named it the Openworld Quiz. People who would give answer to the 8 Oracle licensing questions, were be able to win the newest iPod Touch: Sponsored by License Consulting.

In this post you see the Openworld Quiz and the questions that we came up with. In a next post, you will find the answers and the winner. Feel free to use the Openworld Quiz yourself below, and see in the next article how well (or bad?) you did.


1. What Named User Plus minimum requirement does Oracle have for Oracle Database Standard Edition?
a) 5 Named User Plus per Processor
b) 10 Named User Plus per Processor
c) 25 Named User Plus per Processor
d) None of the above

2. What contractual relevance does the Oracle Software Investment Guide (SIG) have?
a) The SIG contains licensing guidelines that every Oracle client must comply with
b) The SIG contains examples and is solely for educational purposes: Customers are not obliged to comply with it’s guidelines.
c) None of the above

3. A DBA has Oracle Database Enterprise Edition installed on his Dual Core Intel laptop. What is the cheapest way of licensing the software legitimately?
a) If it is for testing, no licenses are required.
b) Oracle Internet Developer Suite
c) 25 Named User Plus licenses for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
d) Oracle Personal Edition
e) None of the above

4. What is the default discount you will get at Oracle when purchasing 11 Processor licenses of Oracle Database Enteprise Edition (USD 47.500 each)?
a) 10%
b) 15%
c) 20%
d) 25%

5. For what environments will you need to be licensed (multiple options allowed)?
a) Standby
b) Backup tapes
c) Production Servers
d) Disaster Recovery
e) SAN Replication
f) Development

6. Where is your audit clause defined?
a) Oracle License and Services Agreement
b) Oracle Technical Support Policies
c) Oracle Software Investment Guide
d) All of the above

7. What are the differences between Named User and Named User Plus licenses?
a) The price
b) Wording in the user definition
c) Minimum requirement per Processor

8. You have an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition server on a single CPU Intel machine, It is running the OEM repository, RMAN, and a database for the Metadata of Oracle Application Server. The data is managed by 3 DBA’s. How many Named User licenses do you need?
a) None
b) 3 Named User Plus licenses
c) 25 Named User Plus licenses
d) 1 Processor license

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