Curious about the results of the Openworld Quiz?

With a tool such as iQuate’s iQSonar in the market, Oracle SAM has become more accessible, transparent, simple and efficient in terms of fact finding. And that is great news. But as always, data needs interpretation. To see how much clients really know about interpreting such, we prepared a licensing quiz. Over 100 licensing cracks and clients were challenged at Open World to answer the 8 questions of the iQuate Openworld Quiz correctly. Many started off confident, but almost nobody handed the results in confident! In the end of the day, NOBODY had all the questions correct, even when disregarding questions that could – depending on specific situations – be interpreted in different ways. Results of this Openworld Quiz show that there is still a huge need to help clients manage what they don’t know about the facts they find. Obviously, in any large environment one wrong answer to these rather simple questions can cost millions.

So, here are  the answers:

Question 1: What is the Named User Plus minimum requirement for Oracle Database Standard Edition?

Answer D is the correct answer. The minimum requirement is 5 Named User Plus licenses. Not per Processor, or per anything at all. Just 5! You can verify this in the minimum requirements table on the Oracle Store, or in the minimum requirements table within your license agreement.

81% of all answers were incorrect.

Question 2: What contractual relevance does the Oracle Software Investment Guide (SIG) have?

Answer B is the correct answer: It has no relevance at all. You can see it in the footnote of the Software Investment Guide.

72% of all answers were incorrect.

Question 3: A DBA has Oracle Database Enterprise Edition installed on his Dual Core Intel laptop. What is the cheapest way of licensing the software ligitimately?

Answer D is correct. The cheapest way to license Oracle Database Enterprise Edition for use on a system with a single user, is by means of the Oracle Personal Edition license. Verify it in the Oracle Store.

77% of all answers were incorrect.

Question 4: What is the default discount you will get at Oracle when purchasing 11 Processor licenses of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition?

Answer D: 20% (go shopping in the Online Store and you will see!).

72% of all answers were incorrect.

Question 5: For what environments will you need to be licensed (multiple options allowed).

Answer A, C, D, E, F (being, Standby, Production, DR, SAN Replication, Development). You will not find this in your contract or anywhere else, only in the Software Investment Guide and in Oracle’s audit reports….

100% of all answers were incorrect.

Question 6: Where is your audit clause defined?

Answer A: In your License and Services agreement (OLSA), and nowhere else.

55% of all answers were incorrect.

Question 7: What are the differences between Named User and Named User Plus licenses?

Answer B, C: The wording in the user definition (as the Plus definition allows computer-to-computer batching) and the Minimum requirement (the Plus definition increased the requirement).

98% of all answers were incorrect.

Question 8: You have an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition server on a single CPU Intel machine. It is running the OEM repository, RMAN, and a database for the Metadata of Oracle Application Server. The data is managed by 3 DBA’s. How many Named User licenses do you need?

Answer A: None. All these databases are required for other database/iAS functions to work normally. If you did not modify the database scheme – which is highly unlikely – you can run these databases free of charge, provided you have licensed the environments that they are being used for in a correct way.

91% of all answers were incorrect.

Note: License Consulting is open for discussion on any question. And, should an authorized spokesman of Oracle have proof that any answers given here is incorrect, an update will be issued immediately. This will be reflected in the changelog. The best result was a shared result (5 out of 8 questions answered correctly). The winner of the iPod Touch is the Director of Accounting Operations at Dendreon (whom we tried to contact for shipping details, but until now without any luck).


  • Hans Krommenhoek

    That is the problem with Software Asset Management, the management (middle management and CxO) doesn’t see the problem. They think: the IT looks at the technical part of the solution and procurement looks at discount and the contract of it, that’s all there is. The troubles is in the details, as you can see. The Oracle costumers has to pay these cost out of there unplanned budget. They get angry and frustrated.

    How can we, SAM consultants, help the CxO show and help with these lingering liabilities?

    Hans Krommenhoek

    • Hi Hans,

      I largely agree, but notice things do change rapidly as a result of more frequent and more hostile audits. But I don’t think think it’s my task to convince anyone how they should do their job…it’s only my task to show them how I do mine.


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