Oracle LMS Audit Support

We identify, quantify and explain your compliance risks when Oracle LMS announces an audit. Analysis is done while using the same data you would otherwise send to Oracle. This due diligence process enables clients to fully understand potential problems and associated financial risks, allowing them to make informed decisions prior to sending any data to Oracle. By taking this approach, compliance risks reported by Oracle will no longer come as a surprise.

Your risks during Oracle Audits

Risks that arise during audits which typically result in conflicts and penalties are:

  • (Past) usage of Oracle Database Enterprise Management Pack
  • (Past) usage of Oracle Database Options
  • Unlicensed Oracle software on your DTAP environment
  • Oracle’s skills of implying non-contractual practices to the audit results
  • Non optimal installations or configurations that force you to invest more money in Oracle licenses than needed
  • Discussions about Disaster Recovery and Failover in the Oracle environment
  • Virtualised Oracle installatations (VMware)
  • Partitioned server configurations (LPAR)
  • High number and often unnecessary number of Oracle processors that are allocated to the Oracle environments
  • Inefficient lay out of database instances in your infrastructure

This service is available at a fixed project fee or a gain share basis.


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