You want to know how a company saved a million on Oracle Licenses within 2 days? Sometimes all pieces fit together..

A customer hired License Consulting to take a look at their Oracle environment. The investigation concluded that the company was incompliant with Named User licenses, and even after a migration, a substantial amount of processor licenses should be bought. To be precise: Oracle licenses valued at€ 1,000,925.44.

In close cooperation with the IT management organization we went out to look for alternatives to buying that many licenses. Out came several options, including a downgrades to Standard Edition, Standard Editioin One and even Microsoft SQL or MySQL. But obviously such a down / crossgrade also some at a price and risk. It was decided to stay on the Enterprise Edition database. However, the hardware and architecture was changed, resulting in a license purchase (after migration of Named User licenses) of only € 10.230,00. During that change, the databases were also upgraded to a supported version, being 10g. How do you think Oracle would have dealt with the client in the original situation?

Again, yet another customer case where the customer was able to eliminate a compliance risk by pro-actively seeking for their own imperfections.

Reference calls with customers are always possible upon your request. And remember, you can’t manage what you don’t know!



  • Michel Hoogenboezem

    Simple case of de-virtualization or… ?

  • Michael Atsedewoin

    1 Server on Primery site (Oracle 11 g EE )
    1 Server on Standby site (Oracle 11 g EE )
    1 Server on DR Site (Oracle 11 g EE )

    The No of server licence=3 * 0.75 * 4= 9 Licences
    The stand by and DR site servers are going to be used by Active Data Guard (Read Only Servers )

    For God’s sake pls tell me the no licences’ the I
    need to aquire for Active Data Guard Option ?

    The servers are Sun SPARC 4 cores and all the servers are going to be used by a WEB based bussines applllication

  • Can you assist with confirmation to a couple of questions below:

    Do test/development Oracle Db servers need to be fully licensed? My undertanding is Yes

    Data Guard is free with EE but you still need to pay for the EE standby database on the remote server correct? My undertanding is Yes



    • Hi Oscar,

      sorry for the late reply but yes: You’re right about all.
      Only if you do testing/debugging of applications that were developed with iDS, with users that have an iDS license, an exception can be made for Test/Dev servers.

  • Hi Oscar,

    My understanding is that (standard) Data Guard is free with EE – but you must pay for _Active_ Data Guard. Research the licensing fine-print between these two and it may help you. I thought I remember seeing strict guidelines on how many days (standard) Data Guard can be Open (failed over to).

    Good luck!

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