Project fees
We provide our service at a fixed price to ensure that our cost will never be an unpleasant surprise.
Our clients know the timelines, project steps, which tasks are assigned to whom, and what we will deliver as a ‘product’.

Actual project fees vary greatly on each specific situation. Typically, our project fees start at or around €12.500.- with additional work starting at €225.- per hour.

We are confident about our added value. In many cases – including reducing compliance claims – we will  guarantee that our value greatly exceeds our cost: Also in situations where clients have already taken steps to reduce a claim but want to achieve even better results. In such situations – but also when reducing the annual support fee at the stage where you no longer believe it is possible – we are typically able to work on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

Legal Support
When lawyers ask us to assist with the transformation of technical implications into legal material, or act as a material witness we will work on an hourly basis.

During specific projects it can be prudent to have your internal legal counsel take place in a project team. Our time spent with them is included in all of our projects. In some situations, and to maximize the result, gain internal support and minimize the timelines we would encourage them to become part of the project team.

With the exception of a few law firms whom we intimately work with (and have become subject experts from a legal side), our time spent with external lawyers from our clients comes at an hourly rate.

Get a proposal
To draft a proposal we will, upon request, sign a mutual NDA and get an overall overview of your situation, position and goals.  Our proposals describes timelines, project steps, tasks and the contents of our output.


For discussing a potential engagement contact us.


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