Oracle LMS Audit Negotiations

For situations where an Oracle Audit resulted in disturbing results.

License Consulting started in 2007 to help clients resolve LMS audits. This strategic service can start at any point prior to signing a proposal from Oracle. LMS Audit Negotiations are exclusively executed by the Management Team. The service includes:

  • Free 48-hour assessment;
    • Forensic analysis of data previously provided to Oracle;
    • Review of your internal objectives and concerns about the audit results.
  • Statement of Work;
  • Reduced Bill of Materials & negotiation plan based on:
    • (Re) Positioning of Oracle LMS technical findings;
    • (Re) Positioning of current contracts and definitions to reduce claim values.
  • Determining and agreeing to a negotiation strategy;
  • Execution support throughout the negotiation;
  • Audit closure.

Our service is divided into the following stages:

Each stage is divided into Inputs, Activities and Outputs.


A final Bill of Material that is agreeable for your organisation, technically & contractually viable and acquired at the lowest price possible.  

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