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Established in 2007, License Consulting is the oldest consultancy firm dedicated to Oracle licensing today. There’s always been a wealth of information and channel knowledge around generic licensing models such as Microsoft, Symantec and other vendors. Oracle licensing has remained obscure, changing and full of loopholes. Until License Consulting was founded, clients had nowhere to go to independently bring all skills to the table: There was no one-stop-shop for Oracle compliance auditing, negotiation, tactical and strategical advisory as well as ongoing compliance advisory. License Consulting quickly became a trusted partner for many organisations enabling clients to reduce complexities around Oracle licenses, associated costs, IT architectures and maintenance & support to a calculated decision and an informed choice.

Early years

Founder Daniel Hesselink (1974) has been around the licensing industry since 1995 in different advisory roles across multiple vendors, including a role as auditor for Oracle License Management Services at Oracle Europe, Middle East and Africa. When starting License Consulting in 2007, he believed that Oracle would be only one of many aspects of the business and that many clients would call upon his independency across multiple vendors. Already a veteran in the industry, he would be invited at vendors such as HP and IBM to speak during their client- and partner events about the complexities of Oracle licensing. He would learn that there was a great need for independent advisory around Oracle, soon dedicating all of his time to this subject.

Steady growth

License Consulting is still dedicated to Oracle licensing and is now the most specialised and experienced advisor in the world. With a small team of highly skilled experts, License Consulting dedicates all of it’s time and resources to Oracle expertise in all timezones. Clients include large multinationals and central governments across the globe, as well as some of the the largest law- and consultancy firms on the planet. Since 2012 we are honoured for being frequently invited by VMworld for hosting several Oracle licensing session specifically for our expertise in licensing Oracle in complex virtual environments. With a flawless trackrecord, also VMware recognises that we are one of the few most trusted and capable parties when it comes to licensing advisory in virtualised Oracle environments.

License Consulting experienced a steady growth in knowledge, scalability and capability. Where in the early days it would take weeks to analyse the audit output scripts of 1000 Oracle databases, our strategic solution allows every Oracle client of every size to do this independently at a low cost whilst benefiting from everything License Consulting has learned in the past.

License Consulting is a truly fantastic journey.

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