License Consulting

License Consulting is the confidential source of knowledge in licensing compliance, auditing and contract design for  users of business software. We do not sell software, software inventory tools and do not have any reporting obligations towards software publishers. This ensures our client’s interest is our only interest.  Clients are typically large organizations, many with a global presence, and governmental organizations. By visualizing and quantifying available choices for them, they are enabled to make informed decisions, knowing that any decision is as good as the information it is based upon.

License Consulting was founded in 2007 in the Netherlands, with the aim to offer independent licensing advice to business users of software. It’s founder Daniel Hesselink (1974) belongs with over 18 years of experience to the most seasoned experts on this subject and frequently speaks about specific interest items at venues around the world.

If you have specific questions, want to be informed about our events or seek a guest speaker for your event, feel free to contact us.

License Consulting BV, Chamber of Commerce ID (Netherlands): 55522629


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