Stop the silence: License Audit launch

There has been silence on our weblog for too long. It’s not like nothing happened: We’ve been doing our regular consulting work, spoke at quite a few events and been investing heavily on our goal to automate compliance script analysis for Oracle databases.

In our initial setup, clients were required to have possession of  Oracle’s audit scripts to get started. We noticed that this was very restrictive for many companies. So, we set out to create our own set of Oracle database audit scripts – on steroids, that is. Once our scripts worked flawlessly, we were soon asked about privacy concerns relating to the collected data. And so, we set out to develop an encryption tool to anonymize the data. Our encryption goes well beyond Oracle’s own masking of Oracle’s own scripts. Soon a client asked if they could share our output during an Oracle LMS audit. To accommodate the request, we built a conversion tool to make our script output readable for Oracle’s LMS auditors. This resulted in our script output being accepted by Oracle LMS, which is pretty awesome. So to break the silence, today this is where we are.

License Audit:

  1. Provides proprietary audit scripts for compliance audits on Oracle databases
  2. Can analyze the proprietary script output, as well as output from Oracle’s Database audit scripts
  3. Provides AES-256 bit encryption, completely anonymizing privacy- and security sensitive data
  4. Allows you to export data for CMDB use
  5. Gives guidance as to why a license is required, allowing you to make better informed decisions
  6. Is kept up to date by us on a weekly basis.

With that, Oracle Database compliance becomes available to the world: Being taken off-guard and slammed around during an audit is now a thing from the past. Our analysis skills are here for everyone to consume. And the best is: A free version is also available, allowing you to do a sanity check at no cost.

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