at MetLife Stadium Sunday night.

Dallas game more special than usual

you meet on the street like back in June, they just like, man, we got to get Dallas, Sanchez said Monday. haven even played a game yet and I just signed here. Linebacker Brandon Graham, struggling to keep his emotions in check, got a bit carried away comparing the importance of the Eagles Thanksgiving game with the Cowboys in Texas to the Super Bowl.

But Graham reference is notable in that the Eagles must take care of the Cowboys to keep their ultimate goal alive. The teams are 8 3 and tied for the NFC East lead. For the Eagles, the road to the Super Bowl goes through AT Stadium and all of its opulence, including the massive 11,520 square foot Diamond Vision TV screen some 72 feet high and 160 feet wide.

you sitting on the bench you looking at it, Graham said. almost look at that instead of looking at the action on the field. If you been there before, you know what to expect. It a party in there. But at the end of the day, we want to have that party. We want to be having fun out there and enjoying the party later on in the game. The defenses are built to complement the offenses, not the other way around.

Sanchez couldn help but watch Romo march the Cowboys to a last minute touchdown beating the New York Giants, 31 28, at MetLife Stadium Sunday night.

one of the best in the league, Sanchez said. been that for years now. And we know what kind of firepower he has. They never out of it. With a guy like that at quarterback you never out of it. So, you know that. But he not directly playing defense against me and I not playing against him. I more concerned with (Rolando McClain, 6 3, 255) and (Barry Church, 6 1, 218), and all those guys on defense. They a tough group. Church (6 1, 218) is their top safety. The Cowboys gave up 417 yards to the Giants. Qarterback Eli Manning converted 11 of 16 third down chances, threw for 338 yards and three touchdowns, the turnovers were even and his team still lost.

That because Romo, who has his best offensive line, was sacked just twice, and not at all in the second half.

definitely trying to get there, we all want to get there and hit him as much as we can because I know he a great quarterback and he got Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray, Graham said. guys make their offense go and we got to stop both of them. There something great about (sacking Romo). You feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders that you were able to get America Team quarterback because he a part of the Dallas organization. He didn play in our last game. I sure they talking about all that. But you know, last year was last year. We focused on this year. I just excited that both of us are fighting for the division. With the Saints, the big rival was the Falcons.


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