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Why License Consulting

License Consulting is the confidential source of knowledge in licensing compliance, auditing and contract design for users of business software. We do not sell software, software inventory tools and do not have any reporting obligations towards software publishers. This ensures our client’s interest is our only interest.  Clients are typically large organizations, many with a global presence, and governmental organizations. By visualizing and quantifying available choices for them, they are enabled to make informed decisions, knowing that any decision is as good as the information it is based upon.



What we do

Infrastructure Advisory

Do you really need to invest and buy more Oracle licenses? To answer this, clients determine if they are using existing licenses and infrastructure efficiently. Read more

Internal Audit Service

Every enterprise should get an unbiased and independent opinion about their compliance risks of running software. Read more

Support Optimization

Oracle customers spend significant time to achieve annual savings, only to find out that Oracle describes many limitations in the Technical Support Policies to make it happen. Read more

Vendor Audit Support

We identify, quantify and eliminate unexpected and unwanted compliance risks when software vendors announce an audit. Read more

ULA Certification

Managing a ULA agreement is far more important than managing other license agreements. Read More

Contract Negotiations

Based on many years of experience – and because our consultants have intimate knowledge about the negotiation counterpart – we advise like no other how to engage in negotiations about license agreements. Read More

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Meet the Team

Daniel Hesselink – Founder

Daniel Hesselink has worked in the software licensing industry since 1995. He held positions at vendors, distributors and resellers whilst covering many software vendors, gaining a wealth of experience. His consultative nature resulted him training staff, partners and end users with regard to software licensing. As an auditor for Oracle License Management Services (LMS) he trained new LMS and Sales staff throughout EMEA.

Since founding License Consulting in 2007 Mr. Hesselink has been working entirely client side, assisting end users in actively improving their Oracle license compliance and improving their negotiation position against Oracle. Due to his combination of technical and communicative skills, he is regarded as an industry expert for Oracle licensing and a frequent guest speaker at Software Asset Management venues throughout the world, as well as IT industry events as such as VMWorld.

Arno Mastik – Partner

Oracle licensin expertArno Mastik has worked in the software licensing industry since 1998. At Oracle he held several positions, amongst others at Support Sales and as an auditor for Oracle License Management Services (LMS). His exceptional technical skills allowd him to become Consulting Manager at a large Oracle consulting firm before becoming a Partner at License Consulting in 2012.

At License Consulting, Mr. Mastik leads the technical operation by continuously improving the data analysis skills for Audit Defense activities. He liaises with the technical teams at our clients and License Consulting’s internal development team, assisting both in safeguarding operational excellence whilst keeping compliance in control. His meticulous work and drive for perfection was a pre-requisite for fully automating the Oracle database audit script analysis.

License Audit

The team of License Consulting has developed a powerful web-based analyses software for Oracle Database Audit scripts. Oracle users can now educate themselves in :

  • What the data means before sending it out to Oracle
  • How to ensure license compliance on an ongoing basis
  • Pro-actively take measures to optimize the license- and feature deployment
  • Create deployment snapshots to re-draw the Oracle IT infrastructure…whilst reducing costs!

In order to get your data analyzed, you would need to create an account at, which is free!
Or you can view the public Full User Account Demo, and get a better understanding of what you can expect from using

The full user account demo displays in-depth information of your Oracle Audit scripts. If you only would like to see a short overview of the information you can analyze your audit script for free.


Download our White Paper

Oracle Audits & Information sharing considerations, including VMWare infrastructures

Oracle frequently makes use of its right to audit the actual use of Oracle software deployed by their clients. When under audit, clients struggle in dealing with the context of the audit and Oracle’s requests in sharing information. In the absence of context, clients often provide whatever information Oracle requests, only to find out later that most information requests were unrelated but are used against them once the audit report is drafted. More often than not, Oracle’s audits result in excessive claims that can and should be prevented.

This paper aims to untangle the labyrinth of information requests and questions, to clearly outline the rights Oracle has and what rights Oracle does not have. The goal is to prevent excessive claims from occurring at all.

    1. Auditing expertise
  4.  REPORT
    1. Contractual Basis
    2. Legal basis
    3. Oracle LMS Engagement Partners
    4. Fishing Expeditions
    1. Privacy and Data Protection
    2. Liability considerations
    3. Case Law about Oracle’s audit script requirement

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